Discovery Call

What We Do: We engage in in-depth discussions about your business - your customer base, plans for global expansion, key markets, website traffic, sales strategies, customer service setup, operational schedule, company culture, and client demographics. We also analyze where your clients are located, their language preferences, and your cultural inclinations.

What You Get:  We provide insights into potential revenue opportunities you might be missing out on, a customized proposal for a bilingual team, clarity on your sales targets and forecasts, and harmony with your company's work style and global market preferences.

Team Setup

What We Do: Present you with the ideal sales squad customized for your international expansion. Assign a dedicated manager to facilitate smooth onboarding and training, ensuring a seamless transition.

What You Get: Access to your customized sales team within business days, and expert support in scaling your cross-border operations, all available on a subscription model.


What We Do: Provide comprehensive cultural and product training for your team, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to effectively engage with diverse markets and customers.

What You Get:  Empowered team members, integrated in your communication channels, ready to sell your offerings in English and their native language, able to drive sales and foster strong client relationships, enhancing your company's global presence and revenue potential.

Unlock The Hidden Revenue Streams

We enable you to tap into previously untapped revenue by engaging with international markets, resulting in increased sales, improved retention rates, higher NPS scores on platforms like Trustpilot, and global expansion for your company.